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go to one week of unforgettable sailing trip with your best friends!


Try to imagine: salty sea sprays, sea breeze, paradisiac costs on the horizon and you are on the snow-white yacht with your best friends. The feeling of complete freedom and boundless happiness. Looks like a luxury dream, right? No, it can become a reality with ONE LIFE!

ONE LIFE YACHT WEEK – is more than just a sailing. This one-week trip is the amazing sea adventure that overcomes the experience you can get in the most luxurious hotel! Every day we visit new islands and towns, enjoy delicious food at the local restaurants, witness stunning sunsets over the sea or the ocean, have fun at numerous parties, take part in different master classes and sport entertainmentsimply just enjoy a moment of life!

Do you think it costs tons of money? Let us destroy a stereotype and pleasantly surprise you: sailing is much more affordable than you think and is comparable with a week long vacation in a hotel somewhere in Turkey or Egypt. However, a romantic and exotic experience you get there is priceless.

You can go sailing during the year: from May to October we go to the best destinations in Europe - Italy, France, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Turkey, whereas from November to April we go to the destinations with eternal sunshine and warmth - the Caribbean Sea or the Maldives.
We have created a unique itinerary for every trip taking into account the identity of the particular region. For instance, we can’t ignore a famous Ibiza nightlife or the volcano in Sicily. We explore wonderful towns and landscapes on scooters. In tropics, there is nothing better than to have a sunbathe at heavenly deserted beaches, to swim in the beautiful bays or try scuba diving and snorkeling! To do this, the yacht has everything you need - our fleet is exclusive yachts top level, equipped with everything you need for a perfect holiday.

In terms of the comfort, our yachts and catamarans are equal to a very good hotels, although have a sea view and access to the sun 24/7! And do not worry about the safety of the boat - sailing is much more secure and fun than driving a car or travel by bus! Moreover, we usually sail from A to B during the day, not far from the coastline and only in a good weather.

What do we do during the day? Approximately it looks like this:

                    • 09.00 - 11.00 – wakening, yoga, delicious breakfast in one of the local restaurants or on the yacht (we buy food beforehand in supermarkets)
                    • 11.00-12.00 – chilling on the yacht or free time in a bay
                    • 12.00-14.00 – sailing, fishing, swimming in a scenic bays, enjoying the sun and having the best moments of your life.
                    • 14.00-15.30 – lunch on the boat: fresh seafood and fruits.
                    • 15.30-18.00 – arrival to a new port, exploration of the new town or island, excursions and entertainment on the shore.
                    • 18.00-20.00 – ужин в ресторане или на яхте
                    • 20.00-02.00 – dinner at the restaurant or on the yacht
                    • 02.00-03.00 – time for parties and fun

                    Take your friends and family with you, we can rent out a full yacht or a catamaran for a big company. But if you travel alone, no problem, you will make friends immediately. There is no chance you will come back without tons of new friends from different parts of the world. So don’t think too long, go to ONE LIFE YACHT WEEK and prepare yourself for the unforgettable sea adventure.

                    We are very proud to have a unique atmosphere at every YACHT WEEK. People are very open-minded and relaxed. And it doesn’t matter what do you do, where do you live and what brand you wear - the only thing that matters is friendship and the moment we all share on the yacht! 

                    Don’t miss a chance to experience the most delightful trip in your life! Invite your friends or family and let’s go to the most exciting journey in your life - the world of sailing, freedom and sea adventures!

                    Join now!

                    How to join?
                    You can book a cabin or rent the entire boat for a big company - depending on the size each boat can accommodate from 6 to 12 people. You can hire skipper if needed.
                    Choose your destination
                    Italy, France, Greece, Montenegro, Maldives, Cuba, Spain, Croatia... This list is not limited since each year we explore new spots for sailing. ONE LIFE Yacht Week lasts 7 days from Saturday to Saturday.
                    Choose yacht or catamaran
                    Prices vary depending on the size and type and are usually between 500 to 2000 euro per person. The average price is usually 700 euro.
                    Why sailing?
                    Sailing is probably the most interesting and fun way to see the world. Our experienced skippers will take you to the hidden caves, calm lagoons, great beaches, the best restaurants and spots to enjoy every day of your yacht adventure.

                    What's included:

                    • 7 day yacht or catamaran rental
                    • yacht equipment
                    • final cleaning
                    • professional skipper (if needed)
                    • stereo system
                    • dinghy
                    • outboard engine
                    • sheets, blankets & towels
                    • tourist taxes
                    • gas for the kitchen
                    • fuel
                    • insurance
                    • group transfer from the airport
                    • master classes and parties
                    • sailing T-shirts


                    • around 50-100 euro/person for the food
                    • 300 euro/person refundable deposit
                    • port fees
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